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About Our Ashram

International Yoga Ashram is registered by Yoga Alliance USA and we offer an environment for sacred self-care to become your highest self. Embraced by the peaceful surroundings your body, mind and spirit can reach its full potential.

Your stay and course at International Yoga Ashram will be personalised and designed for you to experience the most benefits in your sadhana. Our Yoga Teacher Training courses gives you the possibility to find your own unique voice as a teacher, self-transform and self-realize.

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What We Offer

Yoga Teacher Training Courses

We offer 100, 200, 300 and 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training courses. At International Yoga Ashram you will receive tools on how to meditate and create a class. Teaching alignment and adjustments are also a main focus.

Yoga in the Himalayas

Rishikesh greets your entire being with lush green nature and the ever-flowing Ganges. The refreshing prana from the majestic mountains creates a calmness within for you to dedicate yourself to the Yoga practice.

Highly qualified teachers

We don’t see our teachers as separate from one another. We are a team and unit that creates a good balance between the physical aspect in the yoga classes and the spiritual approach.

Our Teaching Team

Do Yoga Be Happy is our teachers motto.
Our teaching atmosphere is kind and we aim to teach with great patience and understanding. We believe this creates an environment where students can obtain skills and information easily.

Our professional teachers will guide you beyond your limit with grace. The world needs your unique individual voice sharing your journey and knowledge. Our wish is to share the ancient knowledge of Yoga so that our graduates can share the same lifestyle and knowledge to others.

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What Students are Saying

Rishikesh The Yoga Capital of The World

Explore the best Yoga Teacher Training destination.

Improve Your Teaching Quality and Enhance Your Practice.

Self-invest in your personal practice and become a confident Yoga teacher. International Yoga Ashram is a spiritual universe, providing a sacred atmosphere to practice yoga and find the path to inner growth.

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