About Our Ashram

International Yoga Ashram was founded by Yogi Pankaj and his Danish wife Julie and is registered by Yoga Alliance USA and Government of India to ensure that our graduates can become a certified Yoga teacher worldwide. Our Yoga Teacher Trainings are offered in Rishikesh the Yoga Capital of the World.

Meet Our Team
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Reasons to share your practice with us


The meaning of yoga is union, the feeling of connection, not outside of us but inside. Yoga is not a one-hour class being on your mat. Yoga is off the mat, every minute, every moment, every breath. Yoga is everything that you are. At International Yoga Ashram you're invited to connect to yourself, your body, mind and soul. This way we connect with one another and experience the true meaning of Yoga.


We find alignment and adjustments very important to create a strong foundation and healthy practice. This knowledge can take you further to experience the full benefits of the postures. To practice asanas safely is beneficial not only in your self-practice but also a crucial aspect when teaching. Techniques to modify asanas is a skill that we emphasise which is helpful when teaching different levels from beginners to advanced and elderly.


The structure of the Teacher Training Courses is made for you learn what Yoga truly is and here you enrich yourself by following a routine and lifestyle to purify both body and mind. We are all seeking to become aware and asanas are just a fraction of what yoga means. We teach not only asanas, but the program also includes morning Pranayama, meditation, anatomy, philosophy, kriyas, mudra, bandhas and much more.


Your stay at International Yoga Ashram is designed to get a greater understanding of the numerous benefits yoga can have in our life. We draw inspiration and knowledge from the culture and tradition of India, the origin of the most authentic and original teachings. We strive towards understanding yoga and all of its complexes with ancient scriptures and modern science to make sense of it all and make use of the knowledge.


Find your life purpose and become a confident Yoga teacher. Maybe you are a future Yoga studio owner? The journey of life is finding ourselves and our power. Don't be afraid to liberate yourself and spend your life being happy. Not just every day, but with every breath. Let your heart send of so much positive energy that it changes the vibrations in the room and your presence becomes a gift to yourself and your surroundings.

Stay connected

Rediscovering your highest goals for taking care of your mind and body will always pull you back on track eventually. Inspire yourself, create and feel the connection. We are on a journey to find happiness, but the nature of life is that eventually we realize, if I cannot find happiness within, then I will not find it anywhere. The moment of this self-realization is the moment when the real yoga practice begins.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We wish to see the yogic lifestyle shared internationally so our goal is to pass on knowledge that will give you the confidence to be able to guide and help your own students. You will learn how to build a well-rounded Yoga class sequence and there is no doubt that with the tools provided, you will be a teacher of Yoga and be able to share the knowledge with great skill, clarity and compassion.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Is to spread the true essence of ancient Yoga knowledge and create a comfortable atmosphere for spiritual seekers. We offer inspiration, guidance and encouragement on the journey to connect to your highest self. If you are not sure if you even want to teach, the course is a great opportunity to discover life changing knowledge. You can join us, not only to become a teacher but also to deepen your own practice.

IYA values

Our Values

People are in need of wellness and at International Yoga Ashram we have created an environment dedicated to the wellbeing of every person who visits. We must practice raising our frequency to match the vibration of the one we want to tune into. This leads to an upward spiral of joy, empowerment, freedom, appreciation, passion, enthusiasm, hopefulness, optimism, contentment and love which naturally extends to all beings.