The Art of Skilful Teaching

We are inspired to share the yogic way of life, which nurtures harmony with soul, the surroundings and one another. Our teachings are not limited to theory only but is a process to go from ignorance to illuminating the spirit.

The purpose of a Yoga teacher is to share knowledge as a patient guide and friend through stories and facts based on the ancient Indian culture of Guru-Shishya. Translated to English this means the teacher-student relationship and this approach helps students obtain the information easily.

The wish of our teachers is that students will share that same knowledge worldwide. Maybe you believe that there are so many Yoga teachers already and ask 'what could my role possibly be?' But the world needs your unique individual voice sharing your journey and wisdom.

Our Approach

Our teachers specialize in helping people to heal and balance the mind, body and spirit. This way optimal health and joy can be achieved. Through yoga practices we can purify our being.

Sacred Wisdom
Our team teaches in a holistic and natural way by using the principles Yogic Sciences like the sacred wisdom of chakras and Panch Tattwa, the five elements in nature. According to ancient texts everything in and around us is made of energy and the elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space and elements.

Obtain tools
Provided is not only the knowledge and the practice of asanas, but our teachers also provide the tools to create a sequence to build a well-balanced class which you can practice and teach. International Yoga Ashram is the place to be if you are searching for knowledge to become a confident and skilled Yoga teacher.