Founder, Yoga Teacher

Julie is born and raised in Denmark and as a spiritual seeker she has now found her home in India. The spirit of Julie is enthusiasm for life and with a strong desire for an alternative lifestyle she left her birth country in her late teens. She is passionate about Yoga and sees it as a lifestyle that can bring great benefits into anybody's daily life. The alternative approaches found in the ancient Yoga texts is an important essence in Julie's life. After years of education and meditation, pranayama and asana sadhana, Julie has now dedicated her life to share the knowledge and help other seekers achieve their highest self. Providing lifestyle advice for the body and tools to ease the mind, Julie helps her students live a fulfilling life.

Julie teaches alongside her husband and together they create the duality of Yin and Yang. They complement each other in their teachings and this way you will receive a well-rounded training. With a spiritual perspective Julie focuses on chakras, meditation, philosophy and pranayama and leads the way to this knowledge with a warm-hearted female energy. Julie teaches Hatha Vinyasa which is a mixture of the best from the two styles and Yin Yoga. Always paying respect to the root and true essence of Yoga, Julie have a spiritual approach in her teachings, but also covers practical topics like how to create a Yoga asana sequence with a theme focus. The theme could be chakras, the 5 elements etc. You will receive plenty of tools from Julie to become a confident and compassionate teacher.

(RYT 500) (E-RYT 200)

Julie has travelled to various parts of the world studying with talented and professional Yoga teachers. Her past learning includes traditional Hatha Yoga with adjustment and alignment focus, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, meditation and pranayama. At the age of 19 Julie left Denmark and found her dharma in sharing the ancient teachings of Yoga and has been teaching ever since.


Founder, Yoga Teacher

Pankaj is born and raised in the holy city of Varanasi. Over many years of sadhana and teaching experience Pankaj has developed a deep understanding of the body. By observing the body and the potential of practitioners, Pankaj have the ability to guide students to explore their limits. After working with western people Pankaj have gained an understanding of the modern mind and body and how imbalances affect us. Pankaj helps students to deal with mental and physical challenges to bring clarity, balance and freedom into their life.

In 2003 and 2006 Pankaj won the Yoga Championships in Varanasi held by the All India Cultural Association. This is competitions where contestants are evaluated on skills, transitions and alignment. This experience sparked a great interest in alignment and a desire to share the knowledge of proper alignment and how to adjust asanas. Pankaj teaches traditional Hatha Yoga inspired by the Bihar School of Yoga and to this day the main focus in Pankaj's classes is alignment. His teaching technique invites the student to discover the asanas and feel the full benefits.

Pankaj's classes often begin with interesting and insightful dharma talks and thereafter he will teach you how to be aware of your body, align yourself in postures and this way experience your full potential. If you as a student bring your interest and effort you will gain life changing knowledge. In Pankaj's Art of Alignment class, he shares knowledge which is very helpful in a personal practice but also practical when having students on your own. You will know in a detailed way, how each asana should be aligned. Pankaj healed many students who have been suffering with different injuries and problems through his way of teaching.

(E-RYT 500)

At 13 years old Pankaj began his yoga journey in Varanasi and spend many years with yogis to experience the meaning of a yogic lifestyle. Pankaj completed his first yoga training with his guru at Bihar School of Yoga. When he was the age of 15 he began teaching and sharing the ancient knowledge of Yoga and in 2000 Pankaj started teaching foreigners.